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  1. According to Ookla - a company that specializes in internet speed testing - internet speeds rose by an average 30% in 2017. As technology becomes more advanced and networks are improved, these numbers are expected to continue to grow. Based on data from Ookla, Singapore is the nation with the fastest broadband download speeds. Internet speeds in this country are 153.85 Mbps. This is more.
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  3. The average advertised download speed across all countries and technologies was 47.9 Mbps (38.50 Mbps a year ago) during peak hours, compared to 38.19 Mbps (30.37 Mbps a year ago) of actual speed. EU and USA internet speed
  4. The definitive global ranking of internet performance from millions of speedtests. Apps. iOS Android Ranking mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis. Search Search. Ad blocker detected . Some features of Speedtest Global Index may not work when running an ad blocker. Please disable your ad blocker for this website. Speedtest Global Index will not show ads.

Though average mobile upload speed increased 44.5% year-over-year, the country's average upload speed of 8.14 Mbps in Q2-Q3 2016 leaves a lot of room for improvement. Germany ranks 62nd in the world for mobile upload speed, just behind Panama, Ireland and the United States Internet speed test. Speedtest. DSL speedtest. Test de velocidad. Test débit. Test ADSL . Sebesség mérés. Internet Geschwindigkeit. Test velocita adsl. Vitesse de connexion. Test łącza. Meranie rýchlosťi pripojenia. Broadband speed test. スピードテスト. спидтест - скорость интернета. Rychlost internetu. Internet speed test. Start test. Change server. The. Internet-Geschwindigkeit: Deutschland auf Rang 31 [2019] Singapur ist das Land mit der schnellsten Internet-Geschwindigkeit. Deutschland liegt im Ranking weit abgeschlagen auf Platz 31 im weltweiten Vergleich. Die weltweite durchschnittliche Verbindungsgeschwindigkeit im Festnetz lag im März 2019 bei 57,9 Mbit/s. Die höchste durchschnittliche. THE MAP SHOWS AVERAGE SPEEDS IN EU COUNTRIES. Romania is shown as having the fastest internet speed across the European Union, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, and Lithuania. On the tail end you can find some southern Europe countries, particularly Croatia, Greece, and surprisingly enough, Italy. The fact is that Romania has developed a strong fibre infrastructure in the last years, which.

All 29 countries measured in Western Europe were in the top half of the table, countries in the region taking eight of the top ten spots in the world for internet speed. The regional average speed of 81.19Mbps makes it the fastest of the 13 global regions overall. Impressive average speeds were measured for regional top-three Liechtenstein (29.98Mbps, 1st in the world), Jersey (218.37Mbps, 2nd. The publication of Ofcom's European Broadband Scorecard yesterday was notable for its inability to compare UK fixed line broadband and mobile internet speeds with other EU states. But other real-world performance data, courtesy of Ookla.com, does still exist and can be used for a rough comparison.. Ofcom's scorecard was constructed to help the government asses its progress towards ensuring. Eight of the top ten countries with the fastest internet are in Europe. Liechtenstein has the fastest broadband in Europe and the world an average speed of 229.98Mbps. Andorra (2), Iceland (3) and Switzerland (4) are not far behind with average speeds of 213.41, 116.88 and 110.45Mbps respectively. The UK is in 40th place with average speed of. The annual 2019 world speeds report from research firm M-Lab and Cable.co.uk has revealed that for 2019 the United Kingdom delivered an average (mean) broadband ISP download speed of just 22.37Mbps (up from 18.57Mbps in 2018 and 16.51Mbps in 2017), ranking us 34th fastest in the world (up from 35th last year).. The research stems from information gathered via 276 million speed tests (up from.

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Average actual download speeds have has increased by almost 10Mbps since March 2012; Differences are small in cable, large in xDSL: xDSL based services achieved only 63.8% of the advertised headline download speed, compared to 89.5% for cable and 82.7% for FTTx Results are based on peak time performance, which is defined as weekdays 7:00pm to 11:00pm (inclusive) To find the average download speeds are in your area, and how it compares to other parts of the UK, take a look at the speed tables below. To calculate the weighted average for each area, we used data from Ofcom's latest Connected Nations report 37 of the 50 countries with the fastest internet are located in Europe, with 10 in Asia or Oceania (Asia-Pacific), two in North America and just one in Africa. 141 countries have average speeds below 10Mbps, a speed deemed by UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom to be the minimum required to cope with the demands of a typical family or small business. Unsurprisingly, Europe has the world's highest. Average Internet speeds and providers for any zip code can be checked on HighSpeedInternet.com. FastMetrics also provides information on each state's average peak Internet speeds. Here are the 10 states with the fastest average internet speed: New Jersey (52 Mbps) Maryland (51.3 Mbps) Virginia (48.7 Mbps) Texas (46.9 Mbps) Rhode Island (46.7 Mbps) New York (45.2 Mbps) Delaware (44.9 Mbps.

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The average internet speed globally is 9.1 MB/s (megabits per second). Fastest mobile internet speed in the world. More and more people are browsing the internet by using their phones instead of laptops and computers, so it might also be interesting to know which countries have the fastest internet speed in the world for mobile connections. As you can see, South Korea has the fastest average. South Korea ranks at number one for the location with the fastest average internet. The country still boasts speeds up to 65% faster than the United States. South Korea is also one of the most aggressive countries in targeting gigabit speeds for its internet users. Nevertheless, Freedom House suggests that, despite these high speeds, internet users are not completely free when surfing in South.

The average broadband speed in the UK now stands at 9Mbps up from 6.8Mbps this time last year, Ofcom reveals Britain is a broadband laggard with an average speed ranking it 31st in the world trailing most of Europe, Thailand and New Zealand. A new report has found that across the UK the average broadband.

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